The United States of America is a real hodgepodge when it comes to the gaming options available to its citizens. There are no laws that are universally applicable across all states; rather, due to the fact that each state has its own government, the rules that apply to particular matters can vary from one location to the next.



When it comes to legislation governing gambling, South Carolina is only second to Utah in terms of how stringent they are. Since 1802, it has been prohibited to engage in the majority of kinds of gambling. It’s that straightforward: if you’re found betting, you could face legal consequences.


Anything having to do with gambling — whether it be machines, cards, dice, dominoes, or anything else – is against the law. In this part of the country, only charitable competitions will be considered.

A Rundown of Gambling in the State of South Carolina


In the United States, online gambling is becoming increasingly popular, and legalized sports betting is now available in around half of the country. Recent amendments to the law have given the individual states the authority to determine for themselves whether or not they will permit it. Residents are now able to enjoy themselves at a variety of online sportsbooks because many people have already joined the bandwagon. However, due to a propensity for keeping casino revenue within state borders, online casino gaming does not enjoy the same level of popularity.


One of the 10 states in the United States’ bible belt that are known for their extreme conservatism is South Carolina. In light of this, where does it stand in relation to gambling online?

Is it Possible to Play Poker Online in South Carolina?


The gambling industry in South Carolina historically flourished, and at one point there were more than 34,000 video poker machines spread across the state. However, due to the efforts of church groups and others opposed to gambling, the Supreme Court in the year 2000 ordered that all machines be disconnected from their power sources. In the vote that took place in 2014, 68% of people opposed making online gambling legal. This stance is not going to shift any time in the near future either.


There are a few casinos located on cruise ships in the state, but there are no casinos located on land. In the past ten years, there has been discussion of legalizing commercial gambling, including sports betting and other forms of gambling. But none of these endeavors have proved successful.


Daily fantasy sports are illegal in South Carolina, while the legality of social casinos is unclear due to ambiguity in the applicable regulations. Bets can be placed at the Springdale horse racing track, in the state lottery, or at charitable bingo events by residents of the state.


In South Carolina, the minimum age to gamble legally is 21.

You must be at least 18 years old in order to purchase a lottery ticket or participate in bingo games. Bets on horse races can only be placed at one track, and only on certain days that are designated as Cup days; the minimum age to place bets is 21. Playing casino games on any casino ship requires players to be at least 21 years old.


Who Is Responsible for Casino Regulation in South Carolina?

As floating facilities, the casino cruise ships that operate in South Carolina are not subject to the regulation of the state. They are governed by an international gambling body and are subject to the laws of the respective federal jurisdictions. The South Carolina Secretary of State’s office is in charge of charity bingo, while the South Carolina Lottery Commission is in charge of all of the lottery games.

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