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Michael Shackleford is so much more than a blackjack player that he may be one of the most intriguing blackjack players in this section. He’s arguably best-known for his website, WizardOfOdds, where he explains the arithmetic behind every casino game you can conceive of (not just blackjack). He is also the author of Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games, which is a magnificent example of concise, direct writing.

On Shackleford’s website, you can use basic strategy generators to generate a 100% accurate basic strategy chart for the game you’re playing based on the local variations. He also explains a simple card counting system that is ideal for novices and those who aren’t particularly proficient with arithmetic. In recent years, he has launched new websites aimed at more niche audiences:

WizardOfVegas — A Las Vegas-centric travel guide and forum.
WizardOfMacau – A Macau-centric travel guide and forum.
Shackleford sold his network of websites to LatestCasinoBonuses in the fourth quarter of 2014. He is still employed there as the primary editor and content writer for the websites he created. LCB administers the site’s commercial aspects, including how advertisements are displayed.

The remainder of this document elaborates on Michael Shackleford’s qualifications as a blackjack player and wagering expert. In addition, it contains details about his numerous websites and his book.

More information about Michael Shackleford

Michael Shackleford, A.S.A., is a professional actuary, according to the about page on his primary website. He has spent a significant portion of his career analyzing the mathematics behind casino games for casino game developers, which is uncommon among administrators of gambling information sites.

He also teaches casino mathematics at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas. He previously contributed to Casino Player magazine. He is also the author of Gambling 102: The Best Strategies for All Casino Games, which was published by Huntington Press, a leader in the gambling book industry. Additionally, he has appeared multiple times on television programs as a wagering strategy expert.

Shackleford was born in Pasadena, California, in 1965. As a freshman at the University of California, Santa Barbara, he majored in computer science, but as a sophomore he converted to a double major in mathematics and economics. In 1988, he earned a Bachelor of Arts degree. He then began working toward passing the actuary examinations.

Describe an actuary. An actuary is a mathematician who specializes in the financial implications of risk. Businesses use the results of these analyses to develop policies and procedures designed to minimize the costs associated with the risks. Most actuaries are employed by insurance companies.

This background with the Social Security Administration is one of the more intriguing aspects of Shackleford’s career path. According to his website, the most enjoyable aspect of his employment was calculating the prevalence of numerous infant names. He began working there in 1992. The most popular infant names are routinely published in newspapers, periodicals, and on the Internet. His work in this field has likely been read by millions of individuals at this juncture.

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